Saturday, April 8, 2017

Identity Crisis

Over the past couple of years my life has taken on a transformation that is really just almost impossible to explain. I feel like to explain it I'd have to go all the way back to the beginning of where I really remember the journey truly starting, or at least where it got off track. That's interesting to think about, because it means I have to tell the whole story, and I have to be completely honest, and that leaves me vulnerable. But here's the thing, that used to scare me, the part about telling the whole story, but it doesn't anymore.

The story is too long to share in this post, and I'm getting ahead of myself. This post is to officially confirm to my thousands of faithful readers (by thousands I mean dozens, and by dozens I mean three), that my website has been having somewhat of an identity crisis the past couple years. It started off as a purely a technical website with articles and links to resources related to software development, which has been my passion since I was sixteen years old; however, it's increasingly more difficult to write articles about software development for a couple of reasons. For one the industry changes so rapidly it's hard to keep up with it outside of normal day to day responsibilities with work, being a parent, and enjoying life. But also because there are so many other great resources for software developers, particularly Stack Overflow, where it's almost impossible not to find an answer to any topic that I'm typically going to be writing about.

So long story short... I've posted less and less on the actual blog, and I've been focusing more on my journey as a Christ follower, and specifically with the books I've read, currently am reading, or plan to read in the future. Since my relationship with Christ has clearly become my passion and my focus, I've decided to completely change my focus of my website as well. Starting with this post, my plan is to use my website exclusively for documenting my journey as a follower of Christ.

Will I ultimately share anything groundbreaking on here? Maybe not. But we've all got a story to tell. And we all have influence, whether we recognize it or not. And we all have a unique opportunity to impact others by sharing our stories. So that's the plan. I got a late start to having a relationship with Jesus Christ, and I feel like I have enough experience to share, especially with young men, what life was like before accepting Christ, and what life has been like since.

I've got some work to do to get things organized with my writings, but in the meantime, I finished a book last week called The Case for Christ: A Journalist's Personal Investigation of the Evidence for Jesus and saw the movie last night as well, and I want to encourage anyone who is looking for a place to start to either read the book and/or see the movie. And be sure to jump over to the books page to find resources that have been instrumental and invaluable in my life, and in my quest to become a defender of the faith.