Saturday, November 3, 2007


"Mapedit is an imagemap-editing program. Mapedit adds client-side imagemaps to web pages, simply by opening the page, selecting the image, and drawing rectangles, polygons and other shapes. There is no easier way to make an imagemap, and zoom support allows easy detail work on large images."

I used Mapedit for the first time today. It's a very simple application but it saved me alot of time today when doing some HTML image mapping on a regional map of the United States earlier today. In the past I've always just opened my image file up in a standard image editor such as Paint or Photoshop and mapped out the coordinates manually and created the image map manually, which isn't that hard to do; however, in some cases if you have a complex area to map, such as a polygon, it can become very cumbersome to record all of the (x, y) coordinates efficiently and accurately.
Mapedit is a very simple interface that lets you open the image and map out multiple areas and generate the HTML code with little effort.
"Mapedit is shareware. The copy you have downloaded is fully functional for 30 days or 100 saves, whichever comes first. When your time or your saves run out, you will need to unlock the product to continue using it."