Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Visual Studio 2008 & LINQ

I started using Visual Studio 2008 today. So far I haven't ran into any problems. In fact, I've tried it on Vista and XP and both installations went very smooth.
I've tested a few different scenarios, inluding working with one of my Visual Studio 2005 .Net 2.0 applications without upgrading to .Net 3.5. I didn't have any noticeable problems in doing so and was able to work with the application as it were 2.0 as expected. And I had all the benefits of Visual Studio 2008. The intellisense for JavaScript was very slick. I don't typically have to write a ton of JavaScript code, but the fact that it's going to be easier to work with and debug is a very nice feature.
I also tested converting an existing 2.0 application to 3.5. Again, I saw no noticeable problems. And once converted to 3.5 I had all the additional benefits of the 3.5 framework at my disposable.
And lastly I created a .Net 3.5 web application from scratch and had no problems. I did some very basic testing initially, and even got involved in writing my first lines of LINQ code. Quite remarkable!
Here's a great link for Visual Studio 2008 samples that was helpful for me to get started, particularly with LINQ.
The "Hands On Labs" are perfect if you are just getting started with the LINQ syntax and LINQ to SQL syntax. The documents are available for VB and C#.
In a matter of minutes I had a connection to a database and fully generated classes by dragging and dropping tables to my "LINQ to SQL Classes" file.
The only code I had to write was to query the data using LINQ and do some basic operations on it.
Definitely looking forward to getting more involved with Visual Studio 2008 and LINQ!