Monday, January 12, 2009

Hosting options for WCF services

"These hosting options range from running inside a console application to server environments such as a Windows service running within a worker process managed by Internet Information Services (IIS) or by Windows Process Activation Service (WAS). Developers choose the hosting environment that satisfies the service's deployment requirements. These requirements might derive from the platform on which the application is deployed, the transport on which it must send and receive messages, or on the type of process recycling and other process management required to ensure adequate availability, or on some other management or reliability requirements."
The article above provides some great information on how to use the different hosting services and explains in detail the key benefits and limitations to each.
For more specific information about each hosting service check out the following links also referenced in the above article:
These links were very helpful in understanding the different hosting options available for WCF services and more importantly understanding the right hosting environment to use based on  "... the version of Windows on which it is deployed, the transports it requires to send messages and the type of process and application domain recycling it requires."